Revolutionizing the Road: The Electric Vehicle Era

April 05, 2023

5 minutes

Electric Vehicle Warranty
If you’re old enough to have seen the Back to the Future movie trilogy, you’ll inevitably remember one of the scenes when Doc Brown fills his "gas tank" up with vegetables and garbage. Of course, it seemed so futuristic that a vehicle could drive on anything but gasoline. However, as 2023 has arrived, electric vehicles are at the forefront in trying to combat climate change.
The cars that were once known as "the future," have arrive. It may not be all vehicles, but many automotive manufacturers have made it their mission to be completely gas independent by 2040 or even earlier.
Public Battery chargers have increased nearly 40% in the past three years, which is an incredible accomplishment when you consider a lot of those built, took place during a global pandemic which affected construction across the world adversely.
As of January 2023, there were more than 140,000 chargers across the United States and while there are presently just over two million electric vehicles on the road, it’s estimated that number will jump up to nearly eight million in another three years.
Nearly all car companies today offer electric vehicles as an option to relying on gas dependent automobiles. And most luxury brands today have also developed electric and hybrids as options for those who don’t want to sacrifice extravagance but while still combatting climate control.
In addition, all Vehicle Service Contracts that provides protection for the motorist, cover a plethora of items for the Electric Vehicle driver. Items include battery coverage, vehicle technology protection including GPS as well as maintenance needed on new and certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
Depending on what type of new car you buy, prices can range as low as $25,000 for a Kia model or as high as $85,000 for a Mercedes. Not too different than if you were buying a fuel dependent automobile.
It’s important to remember, that you don’t have to sacrifice the style or even the brand of car that you want. Everyone loves driving that brand new car of their dreams. Imagine the feeling you will get driving that car and knowing you’ve taken action to help curb a global climate crisis in the process.

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